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    A tower scrubber can be defined as a washing booth, which, by means of a "shower", eliminates the polluting substances present in the waste water. A ZERO IMPACT plant, which does not use any chemical product, but only simple and very common air. Specifically, a nozzle placed at the bottom of the tower creates a gaseous stream that naturally rises upwards. At the same time as the nebulizers, they release the waste water, which from above falls downwards due to gravity. This creates turbulences between the two opposing currents, which by simple physical contact between gas and water, trap pol [...]

    LED lighting

    For years we are talking about LEDs, but what are they, and why change lighting? LED, or Light-Emitting Diodes, is an electronic component that emits ultraviolet and infrared light when a small amount of current flows. This technology represents the evolution of lighting, in which the generation of light is obtained through semiconductors, replacing the use of incandescent filaments, or fluorescence of the gases. More energy efficient, has a longer life, and is more sustainable for the environment; since it does not pollute, and does not contain dangerous substances. Shines! Also because it i [...]


    Safe of our purification process, and in collaboration with the territorial control body of the waters, a monitoring booth was installed for industrial discharges. Maintaining the usual daily analysis of our internal laboratory; now, an external and certified body, independently monitors our results. A further safety step, before pouring the processing water, to the nearby municipal purification plant specialized in the treatment of tanning wastes. This, after further analysis, will re-establish the precious liquid source of life in the local fluvial system. As a demonstration of our support [...]


    COGENERATION, SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FOR A MORE GREEN TOMORROW Why switch to a cogeneration plant? because you get more, consuming less. because you make a conscious choice to reduce the environmental impact. because you get energy independence from network interruptions. These are just some of the answers, which convinced us to start our cogeneration plant. To choose a path that leads us to save fuel by increasing efficiency, a green way that introduces less CO2  into the atmosphere; and a sustainable path, which cuts waste from separate energy production or network dispersion. How t [...]

    Report 95 Lineapelle

    Italy confirms its global supremacy! The Italian tanning industry comes out positive from sector data, made known on the occasion of the 95th edition of Lineapelle. The event, held on 25-26-27 September at Rho Fiera Milano, was attended by 1,306 international exhibitors. Over the three days, the autumn / winter 2019/2020 stylistic trends were presented, registering an attendance of over 20 thousand visitors, all professionals in the sector coming from more than 110 nations of the world. Interviewed in video, the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia, recalled the importance of the event b [...]

    Business outing 2018

    In September, with the resumption of production activity, the usual Company Geta was held. The program included a guided tour in Milan, a historic and modern city, to be discovered. For the brave, the day was intense! But the adventure allowed to socialize, get to know each other better, and to refine the team spirit. Everyone enjoyed the tour, sharing time and experience, even outside the gray workplace. The day then ended at Lake Garda, where it was celebrated and eaten with taste.   P.S. Despite the hesitations, and the attempted defections to the presentation of the program, the [...]

    POR Veneto Region

    Thanks to our constant commitment and investment in new production technologies, we have returned to the POR FEST 2014-2020 program of the Veneto Region. Keeping the quality of the finished product always high, a more efficient and safe working environment is guaranteed, less invasive for the atmosphere, and more economical thanks to new, more performing technologies.                                                                 & [...]

    The Italian Tanning Industry

    THE INDUSTRY OF QUALITY AND STYLE. THE SUSTAINABILITY AND EMOTION INDUSTRY. THE BEAUTIFUL INDUSTRY. The Italian tannery, in the world, is the absolute protagonist in interpreting and satisfying the needs of luxury and fashion, design and automotive. Her skins represent the best qualitative and creative expression of Italian craftsmanship. An internationally recognized craftsmanship for the innovative value of its industrial processes and for the attention paid to all aspects that contribute to defining the concept of sustainability. The Italian tannery is an exemplary case of manufacturing tr [...]

    LINEAPELLE, Fall Winter 2018

    Tannery Jolly will be present at the next edition of LINEAPELLE Milano - winter 19/20, to be held on September 25th - 27th 2018 in FIERAMILANO RHO. Come and visit us, Hall 13 Stand B2-B6.


    From this year we are proud sponsors of the teams: Sambo Volley Master Sambo Volley U 12 Follow the adventures of our teams on SAMBO VOLLEY ASD !