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    STACKING MACHINES, why change?

    The stacking machine is apparently a simple but fundamental machine in a tannery.
    All the hides produced are passed on from it, and it is right to invest in a machine built on the specific production needs of a company.

    High vibrating frequency, 4 beating heads, continuous vibration movements with angle variation, combined with an anti-static system and a work light of over 3 meters; these are just some of the features that this machine has.

    Designed and conceived to adapt to every working requirement, its performances do not compromise between: the rhythms of serial production, and specific articles created to measure.

    It also actively contributes to reducing consumption, optimizes work in the company, and guarantees product traceability.
    Naturally the result of the INDUSTRY 4.0, it adopts intuitive technical and technological solutions, able to make the real difference!