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    LED lighting

    For years we are talking about LEDs, but what are they, and why change lighting?

    LED, or Light-Emitting Diodes, is an electronic component that emits ultraviolet and infrared light when a small amount of current flows.

    This technology represents the evolution of lighting, in which the generation of light is obtained through semiconductors, replacing the use of incandescent filaments, or fluorescence of the gases.
    More energy efficient, has a longer life, and is more sustainable for the environment; since it does not pollute, and does not contain dangerous substances.

    Shines! Also because it is free of bright pollutants, it has nought emission UV, long-lasting for humans, and IR harmful to the eyes.
    These emissions are very harmful for the leather, causing loss of color brilliance and degradation of the material, due to the long exposure to old artificial lights.

    The LEDs do not even generate heat, I keep it inside them, using the best power for lighting. Interesting feature, which avoids waste, and saves in air conditioning.

    Maintenance almost nothing, and an immediate ignition, make them also very comfortable to use.

    We have decided to change! Think about it too?