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    A tower scrubber can be defined as a washing booth, which, by means of a "shower", eliminates the polluting substances present in the waste water.
    A ZERO IMPACT plant, which does not use any chemical product, but only simple and very common air.

    Specifically, a nozzle placed at the bottom of the tower creates a gaseous stream that naturally rises upwards.
    At the same time as the nebulizers, they release the waste water, which from above falls downwards due to gravity.
    This creates turbulences between the two opposing currents, which by simple physical contact between gas and water, trap pollutants in the rising air.
    Small bubbles covered with slag, reach the top of the tower; where in a condenser, they release all the substances carried.

    At the summit, the air succeeds completely purified from the cycle, without release of odors, and free of fine dust from here it is usually contaminated.
    All the pollutants captured are collected in special disposal tanks in the form of easily recyclable sludge.

    A simple and effective process that does not weigh on the environment, and that helps everyone to live better.